Talent to Task

Maximize your resources by tapping into a multidisciplinary team of professionals without having to hire additional staff internally. Combine affordability, capability, and scalability – perfect for today’s modern marketer.

Best for Small Projects

Essential Work

$5,500 Per Month
Starting at 30 Hours Per Month
Minimum 3 Month Commitment

7.5% Discount
Lock in 90 – 329 Hours ($185/hr)
Cancel or Pause After 3 Months

Tackle a project, utilize our diverse creative capabilities, or leverage our agencies’ experience in various industries and markets for insights and ideas.

Ideal Examples Are:
– Landing pages
– Email or Social Media Campaign
– Marketing Collateral
– Content Marketing
– Workshops, Ideas, and Strategies
– Video or Animation

Most Popular

Team Extension

$9,625 Per Month
Starting at 55 Hours Per Month
Minimum 6 Month Commitment

12.5% Discount
Lock in 330 – 809 Hours ($175/hr)
Cancel or Pause After 6 Months

Drive growth at a faster pace while prioritizing a flexible partnership that offers transparency, adaptability, and strong ROI.

Ideal Examples Are:
– Logos and Identity (Look and Feel)
– Messaging and Collateral
– Campaign Thematic and Ideas
– Website Creation (WordPress or Drupal)
– Digital Design Standards: UI Components
– UX Audits, Strategies, and Updates

Best Value

Integrated Agency

$14,850 Per Month
Starting at 90 Hours Per Month
Minimum 9 Month Commitment

17.5% Discount
Lock in 810+ Hours ($165/hr)
Cancel or Pause After 9 Months

For a competitive edge, this plan provides top value, efficiency, and a force multiplier for growth, differentiation, and business value.

Ideal Examples Are:
– Strategy and Positioning
– Comprehensive Branding and Messaging
– Large Website and Roll-out Plans (500+ Pgs)
– Experiential and Guerrilla Marketing
– Campus Activations and Promotions
– Integrated Campaigns

Just as climbers carefully select ropes and hikers their boots, we pair experienced teams with a new proactive agency model – which means greater performance and fewer obstacles. Let's get started.

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Advantages of this transparent partnership

Single Source of Diversity

Optimize your resources by accessing a team of professionals with diverse skill sets without having to hire additional staff internally.

Capacity and Capability

Access to an experienced force multiplier, adding significant capability and capacity to create more authentic, inclusive, and purpose-driven marketing.

Flexibility and Adaptation

Ability to scale up, wind down, and/or pivot quickly based on needs and driving innovation independent of your own team.

Financial and Time Efficiency

Allows for predictable costs and ability to start new work quickly, without change orders.

Optimize Your Resources

Our responsive approach is a new and innovative way for Duke to leverage REVERED.

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Your Path to Maximize ROI and accelerating growth

What's the catch?

No tricks here. Simply select a subscription that aligns with your budget, let's have a chat about your goals, and we'll kick things off.

Which subscription package is right for me?

Essential Plan: 30 hours per month is ideal when you have a specific goal in mind. Whether you need a website, a campaign, or a logo, think of this as hiring a specialized SWAT team for targeted tasks.

Team Extension: 55 hours per month is ideal for clients rapidly needing to add capabilities and capacity – growing their marketing teams of 0-3 to 6-8 with our team extension plan. This plan is a popular choice for a flexible, high-capacity solution to enhance your marketing efforts and achieve key objectives from tactics to campaigns.

Integrated Agency: 90+ hours per month is ideal for get more done with less hassle! When you're seeking a competitive edge from a single source, this plan offers the best value, efficiency, and access to a force multiplier to accelerate growth, enhance differentiation, and deliver business value.

How will I know where we are on hours?

We don't set out to run up your clock. Happy clients are repeat clients. We will send you updates quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. What works best for you?

Are there any initial costs or extra charges?

None at all. Our pricing model is designed to accommodate the most common and successful partnerships we've encountered.

What if my priorities shift?

No problem! This isn't about rigidly following a set of tactics outlined in a Statement of Work that are non-negotiable. Our structure is tailored for the modern world, where you need a proactive team ready to seize opportunities as they arise, within the allocated hours.

Can I terminate a subscription?

Certainly, you can cancel at any time after the minimum commitment has been met. We do ask for a 30-day notice so that we can prepare any necessary files or documents and bill for any time used up to the cancellation date.

Can I add to a subscription?

Absolutely. We recommend collaborating with your account team to explore the various options available to you.

Can I create a personalized plan?

Yes, please do! We're eager to hear your thoughts on how we can tailor a plan to better suit your needs.