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  • The Problem

    The Brewing industry is stuck with an antiquated fermentation process. It is complex and unpredictable, with the industry facing losses due to quality control issues, fermentation failures, production constraints, labor intensity, and lack of automation.

  • The Objective

    To introduce the market to a revolutionary product, the BrewIQ dashboard. An innovative fermentation system that delivers consistent and replicable results, enhances quality control measures, and boosts operational efficiency within the brewing industry.

  • Our Strategy

    Design and develop a cutting-edge dashboard interface, and launch a lead-gen campaign to showcase BrewIQ's advanced technological and product prowess. Through dynamic layouts and a creative approach, we weave strategy and content into a compelling narrative, and incorporate key screenshots and thematic elements to communicate the value proposition of the newly revamped product.


The new branding and positioning work directed the content, layout, and experience to funnel business inquires. The website strategy was to create an online presence that communicated value, drove engagement, and captured leads. We saw an 5x multiple in the EU and almost 2x multiple in the US within the fist month.

A Smart Brand Identity System

We create strong brand identity that worked in alignment with the product value proposition to help increase awareness, drive loyalty, value, and growth. The new naming and design system is succinct and easy to comprehend.