• Project

    Branding + Communication Platform

  • Industry


  • Services

  • The Problem

    Achieve focused, effective outreach and delivery of the value proposition to key target audiences.

  • The Objective

    More demos are scheduled, new breweries purchasing the product and the platform and current accelerate growth around current clients.

  • Our Strategy

    Differentiate messaging and value proposition between the corporate brand and product brand. Clearly communicate to consumers, establish a brand foundation and messaging framework that can create a vehicle for expressing value through multiple touchpoints and marketing tactics.

Critical for Success

The new branding and positioning work directed the content, layout, and experience to funnel business inquires. The website strategy was to create an online presence that communicated value, drove engagement, and captured leads. We saw an 5x multiple in the EU and almost 2x multiple in the US within the fist month.

A Smart Brand Identity System

We create strong brand identity that worked in alignment with the product value proposition to help increase awareness, drive loyalty, value, and growth. The new naming and design system is succinct and easy to comprehend, and lends itself to fun and energizing campaigns “BrewTelligence.”

A BrewTelligence Campaign

Manual sampling and snapshots leave brewers guessing, but with BrewIQ, brewers can make more Brewtelligent decisions. BrewIQ increases brewers’ Brewtelligence by updating them on the progress of their beer so they can make better-educated decisions. This campaign challenges brewers to think differently about a the current brewing process that dates from 4,000 BC.