Fit to Fight

  • Project

    Brand Identity andStrategy

  • Industry

    Outdoor Sports + Lifestyle

  • Services

    Strategy + Design
    Marketing Collateral

  • The Problem

    Fit to Fight® needed our help to clearly communicate what makes them different to combat a growing industry stigma that all Krav Maga is the same and is a system based upon techniques and natural, instinctive movements that require minimal review and practice.

  • The Objective

    We set out to clearly articulate the Fit to Fight value proposition with a new brand strategy to demonstrate how their innovative, unorthodox approach goes beyond the templated Krav Maga manual and truly prepares people for real-world violent altercations.

  • Our Strategy

    Create a strategic, ownable, and meaningful framework and identity system. The Fit to Fight difference is the "incomplete guide" to the five self-defense modalities. These core modalities heavily influence Fit to Fight’s Mixed Modern Combatives, a more holistic and inclusive approach to self-defense than any one system or style.