Langdon Tactical Technology

  • Project

    Advertising Campaign

  • Industry

    Outdoor Sports + Lifestyle

  • Services

    Strategy + Design

  • The Problem

    LTT takes ordinary firearms and makes them extraordinary, and they wanted to cut through the noise to inform consumers about the different firearm customizations they offer in a way that made them stand out from the competition.

  • The Objective

    We were tasked with creating a multi-touchpoint campaign that disrupted the marketplace, introduced consumers to LTT, and educated them on everything LTT has to offer in an unexpected way.

  • Our Strategy

    We created the LTT Advanced Shooter Care campaign based on the idea that LTT offers the cure to treat firearm owners’ “projectile dysfunction.” Along with videos in the style of pharmaceutical advertising, we created an engaging landing page, social media ads, memes, and email marketing to create a highly memorable and shareable campaign.