Langdon Tactical Technology

  • Project

    Brand Strategy,
    E-Commerce + Integrated Marketing

  • Industry

    Outdoor Sports + Lifestyle

  • Services

    Strategy + Design

  • The Problem

    Founded by master gunsmith, Ernest Langdon, LTT takes ordinary firearms and makes them extraordinary. From high-performance to training and education, LTT helps firearms achieve their full potential as the ultimate shooting experience. LTT needed branding that was as precise and high-performance as their products in order to build awareness and grow market share.

  • The Objective

    LTT came to us in need of a comprehensive branding review and a robust e-commerce website as well email and social support to help grow the brand.

  • Our Strategy

    We we worked with LTT to craft the line “Custom without Compromise” to help set them apart and strongly define their core brand value. We reimagined the website with a user-centric focus to streamline the purchasing experience. Comparison tools and a CRM integration provided additional functionality to further LTT business goals while providing a better experience for the customer. Finally, we provided digital marketing support to help expand the branding and messaging across a multitude of social channels.

01 Tagline

LTT had operated with multiple lines that served as mottos or mantras for the brand, but no one singular line that performed the function of a tagline.

After digging into their brand identity and the competitive landscape, REVERED worked with LTT to craft the line “Custom without Compromise” to help set LTT apart and strongly define the core brand value.