NC State Belk Center

  • Project

    Activation Event

  • Industry

    Higher Education

  • Services

    Strategy + Design

  • The Problem

    To engage national recognized key stakeholders around topics that include; pressing challenges, promising practices, and proven policy solutions that directly impact the Community College landscape.

  • The Objective

    Establish and disseminate a collective community college research agenda, to exchange information and strategies related to data access, funding, visibility, influence, and sustainability.

  • Our Strategy

    Create a National Community College Research Alliance summit with tactics and strategies used to create a memorable experience for attendees, fosters innovation, and produce pre, during, and post communications and marketing materials that help facilitate and celebrate this inaugural event.

The Visual Voice

By utilizing a more minimalism and flat design style, vibrancy and contrast is created by the use of simple shapes and bold colors. This design strategy aims to create a clean and straightforward visual language to emphasize usability and functionality. It allows the audience to focus on the typography, color, and negative space to help to create a visual hierarchy that guides the eye across the design – even at distance.

Client Testimonial

“Thank you again for your support and excellent work through this project. We definitely would not have been able to pull it off on such a short time frame without you. You and your team should be incredibly proud as we have heard nothing but amazing things from the attendees. Can’t wait to see what we do for next year!”