Stoker’s Social Media

  • Project

    Social Media Management

  • Industry

    Outdoor Sports + Lifestyle

  • Services

    Strategy + Design

  • The Problem

    Stoker’s smokeless tobacco was a challenger brand (<10% category share) that needed to become more relevant to influential 21-25-year old male consumers. Historically, the brand had a limited social media presence and faced the challenges of operating under FDA regulations, which significantly limited both how and where to message.

  • The Objective

    Turning Point Brands engaged us to evaluate the social media landscape, better understand the target consumer group, and internalize the brand and its positioning. We developed a social media strategy and accompanying content to grow brand relevance and the overall social media audience.

  • Our Strategy

    We evaluated the target audience, platform trends, and the competitive set and determined that Instagram had the most flexibility relative to messaging options and regulatory considerations. To be engaging and best leverage the text and video options we crafted a unique tone and personality for the brand. Finally, we implemented monthly thematic calendars to drive the content strategy while executing both promotions and influencer programming.

01 The Results

After the first year of Instagram programming, we achieved 500% follower growth for the brand (to 51K followers) while also achieving engagement levels 2.5 -3 times larger than industry averages. In the second year, the growth trajectory continued with +75% follower growth (to 75K followers) while still holding engagement levels at 2X industry average.