• Project

    Invictus Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Industry

    Outdoor Sports + Lifestyle

  • Services

    Strategy + Design

  • The Problem

    SureFire, a tactical product manufacturer offering high-end illumination tools and suppressors, needed a way to effectively communicate their unique benefits that make them stand out in the marketplace—such as being an American-made product—to brick-and-mortar dealers, who in turn could speak to the value of SureFire products to convince potential customers to purchase them.

  • The Objective

    Educate associates at the dealer level on why SureFire is the best brand in the field so they can speak confidently about products to provide customers with high-quality information and be rewarded for their sales.

  • Our Strategy

    After an extensive discovery, we launched Invictus, the SureFire loyalty rewards program, which is designed to educate store associates through a custom online learning experience. By completing a series of training modules, dealers can become SureFire experts, allowing them to inform customers about the value of SureFire products. Additionally, the mobile app we developed allows associates to record and manage sales of SureFire products so they can seamlessly photograph receipts and receive points for the products they sell, which they can redeem for SureFire swag and items.